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Centor Architectural Insect Screen


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) West Nile Virus (W.N.V.) is spread by an infected mosquito that, once bitten by, can cause serious, life-altering and even fatal consequences.

West Nile Virus Facts:

This past year there were 1282 reported cases of infection in the state of California alone and a total of 9,873 reported cases for the entire United States. Since 1999, there have been 30,662 human disease cases in the U.S.A, with a combined total of 1,208 Deaths reported since 1999

The number of W.N.V. human cases peak in the month of April, May, June, July, August and September when the amount of airborne mosquitoes increase due the increased amount of eggs hatching in warm stagnant water. The epidemic may also continue well into the fall season.

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for the West Nile Virus infection, and the medical community stresses that the best way to avoid it is by prevention. One of CDC's recommendations to minimize your risk of getting infected with the W.N.V. is to Mosquito-Proof Your Home. The C.D.C. highly recommends the use of custom built door and window screens on all openings to keep the mosquitoes outdoors.

We understand how valuable and irreplaceable your family members are to you. Our team is here to help you address these health concerns and protect your family by minimizing the risk of getting the WestNile Virus infection, by adding Centor Architectural Insect Screens to your large cascading sliding doors, bi-folding sliding doors, large windows and outdoor patios.

The Centor Architectural Screen retracts back into the frame when not in use like a Retractable Screen, but when in action is completely different that a Retractable Screen. Centor Screens are controlled by a cable tension system rather than a spring like Retractable Screen Doors. Our Centor Architectural Screens can span up to 12 feet wide and 10 feet tall on a single unit or up to 24 feet wide and 10 feet tall on a double unit.

Call us today for an immediate solution in minimizing the risk of getting infected by the West Nile Virus disease.

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