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ScreenEze Screens

1. What is a ScreenEze?
ScreenEze is a patented removable but yet fixed screen system. ScreenEze features an extruded solid aluminum base channel and a window grade vinyl cap which is snapped together and attached to your desired screening application. ScreenEze can be installed on the inside, outside, or center of any post, rail or wall design.

2. What type of surface can ScreenEze attach to?
ScreenEze can be attached to any smooth uniform surface. When attaching ScreenEze to masonry, a flush mount is typically the best application. The screw leg needs to ride smoothly against the masonry. We would recommend once your alignments and cuts are made you should use a double sided sticky tape or a small bead of silicon prior to attaching your ScreenEze system with screws.

3. What colors are available for the aluminum base and vinyl cap?
ScreenEze is available in three standard colors including White, Sand and Bronze.

4. What colors is the screen mesh available in?
Standard screen mesh options include BetterVue Fiberglass, Stiffened Fiberglass, Solar No-see-um Insect Screen and Super Screen, all of which are black in color.

5. Can I use metal or aluminum screen mesh?
Yes! You can use a metal or aluminum screen. Using an aluminum or metal screen will create a tougher installation though.

6. Are there any screen fabrics we do not recommend?
We do not recommend some sun screen fabrics because of the thickness/stiffness.

7. How large of an area can I enclose with ScreenEze?
ScreenEze can accommodate an opening up to 150 Square Feet.

8. Can I use ScreenEze on an Arched Opening?
Yes! ScreenEze Flat Bar can accommodate arched openings.

9. How much excess screen fabric should be accounted for in the measuring phase?
4" is ideal. You may not need this much excess, however, this is a safe amount for your first installation and for estimating material.

10. Does ScreenEze carry a warranty?
Yes! You can view our ScreenEze warranty on the warranty page here: http://getretracted.com/products/screeneze-screen-warranty.asp

11. How difficult is it to install a ScreenEze?
The installation of a ScreenEze should be done by a certified, licensed, bonded and insured installer. The installation of a ScreenEze system varies from job to job.

12. What tools are needed to install ScreenEze?
A 10" miter saw with a 200 tooth plywood blade. We also recommend the Freud Diablo series of non-ferrous/plastic blades; specifically the 10" 80 tooth blade or the 12" 96 tooth blade. You can also use a hack saw with a fine tooth metal cutting blade. In addition screws, a flat head screw driver, a screw gun, a rubber mallet and a utility knife are needed for the installation.

13. What about pets, animals or kids…does a screen like this keep them in or out?
The ScreenEze has been installed numerous times to keep ones pets or animals inside or outside but never a kid. The system creates a 100% seal on all four sides. It is possible though for a pet, animal or even a child to push its way through the snap system if given substantial force.

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