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Centor Architectural Insect Screen

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Centor Architectural Insect Screens are the perfect choice for unobtrusive insect protection in large openings up to 24’ 10” wide and 10’ 6” tall. Experience the eco-friendly insect protection and thermal control at the touch of a finger with Centor Architectural Screens.

The revolutionary S1E Eco-Screen combines the benefits of a screen and blind while allowing homeowners to have control of their living environment, with the S1E Eco-Screen entirely built into the window or door frame. The screen and/or blind completely disappears when you don’t need it. When used on large windows and doors it makes the most of natural light, controls heat gain during summer, reduces heat loss in winter, and thereby reduces reliance on heating and cooling systems.

Centor has solved the problem of screening off large openings with its magnificent retractable insect screen system. Openings as wide as 24' 10” and 10’ 6” in height; can now be effectively and unobtrusively screened, with this robust system operating with just the touch of a fingertip.

The Centor housing compartment measures 3 17/32” wide x 4 1/8” deep. The top rail measures 3 17/32” wide x 3 7/16” in height. The bottom rail measures 3 17/32” wide x 1 23/32” in height.

A Centor insect screen can work in a single system application in openings up to 12' 9” wide and 10’ 6” in height. A Centor blind (SheerWeave fabric) can work in a single system application in openings up to 12' 9” wide and 7’ 6” in height. If you desire the best of both words with a screen and blind on the same opening we would create a double system application. This double system application would have the screen pull out from one side of the unit and the blind out of the other side. If you desire full ventilation then pull the screen over the entire opening, but if you desire full privacy or sun control, then pull the blind over the entire opening for that shield.

The screen can be opened and shut from any height on the stile, so even small children can operate it. With no spring loading to fight against, the screen remains firmly in any chosen position across the opening. One major consideration during the screen’s development was its ‘livability’. It thus had to pass the ‘barbecue test’ where a person must be able to operate the screen easily, with a tray of drinks or food in hand.

Load Balancing Technology allows for the sort of effortless fingertip control. With no spring-loading to fight against, the screen’s lead stile remains firmly in any chosen position.

Tight Technology ensures control of the horizontal edges of the screen so they remain straight and tight, eliminating the tendency to sag.

Shock Absorption allows visitors taken in by the screen’s unobtrusiveness and near invisibility to walk away with no more than a surprise.

A Self Feeding Mechanism allows the screen to self-feed back into the roll as it’s rolled away should strong winds or human force push the screen off track.

Centor insect screens are tough enough to withstand real-life use, backed by a 5 year limited warranty. Exhaustive cycle testing to over 400,000 cycles, and exposure to dust, mud, sand and salt spray ensure reliable operation well beyond the 5 year warranty. The system has also withstood impact testing with a 37-pound punching bag 100 times, as well as thorough poking, prodding and pushing from Centor’s Research and Development Team.

The Centor Screen system is manufactured entirely in stainless steel, brass and reinforced engineering polymers. The tough PVC-coated polyester mesh used in the screen, is hardwearing and resistant to damage from pets and children. The mesh is easy to clean and can be replaced.

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