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Panorama Motorized Power Screens

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Panorama™ Wide Format Retractable Screen

What is covered:
All standard parts and mechanisms in material and workmanship are warranted for a limited lifetime from date of purchase when the Panorama Wide Format Retractable Screen door is properly installed by a certified dealer. The motor is warranted for 5 years from the time of its original purchase. The electronic controls, excluding batteries, are warranted for 1 year. The screening material is expressly excluded from warranty.

What is not covered:
This limited warranty does not cover a defect that has resulted from improper installation, use, alteration or maintenance. The screening material is expressly excluded from warranty. Change in color of parts that takes place over time is not covered nor is damage to fasteners from drill or screwdriver damage during installation or removal.

Lorge Fabrication, Inc. makes no warranties for failures or operating difficulties due to accident, acts of God, abuse, misuse, alteration, misapplication, faulty building construction or design, exposure to the elements, exposure to corrosive environments (including exposure within 2 miles of salt water), improper handling, installation or maintenance.

Certain insects, including bees, wasps, locusts, grasshoppers, etc. are known to eat holes into screen material. Care should be taken to ensure none are trapped into the screen prior to rolling the screen up. Once again, Lorge Fabrication does not warrant the screen material for this or other damage.

Warranty does not cover any rips, tears, separation, fraying, and/or snags of any sort on the screen material. The detaching of the screen material from the roller tube and/or pull bar is excluded as well. Customer acknowledges that the Panorama Screen is for ventilation and bug reduction only; it is not meant to keep bad guys out or keep kids or pets inside. In no way is the Panorama retractable screen(s) installed at your home or business meant to be used as a security screen. In no way is Panorama, Lorge or Stoett to be held liable for any harm done to you, your property, and/or your family because of these added features failing.

The dealerís labor is not covered under this warranty.

Limitations on Liability:
THE PROVISIONS OF THIS LIMITED WARRANTY ARE IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WRITTEN WARRANTY, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WRITTEN OR ORAL, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. In no event, shall Panorama, Lorge or Stoett be liable for any direct or indirect loss, consequential damage or any other claims except as provided in this warranty.

Professional Installation Required
The Panorama Screen System(s) must be installed by a certified dealer and cannot be altered in any way.

For how long:
The Lorge Fabrication Limited Warranty is valid for the original purchaser in its originally installed position. The Warranty is not transferable to another party or another installed position.

What we will do:
Lorge Fabrication will, at its sole option, repair or replace any defective parts within a reasonable period of time, free of charge, to the original purchaser.

What you must do to obtain Warranty Service:

  1. Notify, in writing, the dealer from whom the Panorama Wide Format Retractable Screen was purchased. Explain the nature of the warranty claim and include the proof of purchase with invoice and purchase date.
  2. The dealer will document the claim and contact Lorge Fabrication to take appropriate action.
  3. Decisions as to whether to repair, replace, or refund shall be made by Lorge Fabrication, in its sole discretion.

Warranty Claim Process

  1. Dealers will document the customer claim with evidence of purchase, description of the claim, and photos of the defect or actual defective part.
  2. The claim will be submitted to Lorge Fabrication who will determine appropriate action and advise the dealer within 10 working days.
  3. Lorge Fabrication will repair or replace the defective part according to its limited warranty provisions. Lorge Fabrication will provide the repaired or replaced part free of charge including shipping costs to and from the dealer.
  4. The dealer shall replace the defective part within 10 working days of receiving the part.

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