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Panorama Motorized Power Screens

West Nile Virus :

West Nile Virus (W.N.V.) is spread by an infected mosquito that bites you, and their bite can cause serious, life-altering and even fatal consequences. There is no treatment for the West Nile Virus infection since it is such a new disease.

Since 1999, there have been 28,906 human disease cases in the U.S.A, with a combined total of 1,121 Deaths reported since 1999. It has be proven that the number of W.N.V. human cases peak in the month of June, July, August and September, and the epidemic may also continue well into the Fall season

Since there is no specific treatment to treat W.N.V. infection, the best way to avoid it is by prevention. One of CDC's recommendations to minimize your risk of getting infected with W.N.V. infection is to Mosquito-Proof Your Home. Quote from a document from C.D.C.: "Some mosquitoes like to come indoors. Keep them outside by having well fitted screens on both windows and doors. Offer to help neighbors whose screens might be in bad shape."

We understand how valuable your family members are to you. We are here to help you protect your family by minimizing the risk of getting West Nile Virus infection, by adding Panorama Motorized Power Screens to your extra large openings. Call us now for an immediate solution in minimizing the risk of getting infected by West Nile Virus.

Panorama Motorized Power Screens are great for those wide openings where a Retractable Screen door just wonít work such as: Garage Doors, Patio Enclosures, and Extra Large Sliders. Panorama Wide Format Motorized Power Screens can also act as a solar shade to protect your interior furnishings and at the same time help lower very expensive energy bills. The Retractable Motorized Power Screen offers an unobstructed view while reducing the harmful effects of the sun's rays.

The Panorama Motorized Power Screen is the highest quality motorized screen you will find in the market today that will provide that clear view. Itís the only motorized screen made 100% in the U.S.A.

Motorized Power Screens consist of a drop down approach, in which the housing unit is secured across the top of the opening to be protected. With the push of a button on a remote or wall switch, the Power Screen drops to the floor with the guidance of left and right vertical rails. Vertical rails are optional as power screens can be installed with or without sidetracks. A wire guide system can also be implemented instead of sidetracks to prevent the screen from swaying back and forth in mild wind. Depending on the application, Panorama Screens can be surface mounted or mounted inside the jamb of an opening on the interior or exterior of a home. Get that crystal clear view and mosquito protection today that you desire with our Panorama Retracting Screen Systems.

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