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PanoramaLite Pull Down Screens

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a PanoramaLite Screen?
The PanoramaLite Retractable Screen is the perfect bug and/or solar solution. This great screen comes standard as a manual spring loaded top down system. PanoramaLite Screen Systems can also be upgraded to be motorized. PanoramaLite delivers privacy, ventilation, protection, and secure shading for various large openings around your home or business.

2. How is the PanoramaLite Screen different than the competition?
There is nothing like it in the industry! This is the only top down manual wide format retractable screen on the market today. The PanoramaLite Screens are manufactured in a local factory and not in your driveway. They are built with the highest quality components in the industry. Our screens are quality tested in a controlled environment and inspected to ensure enjoyment for life.

3. What size Garage, Large Window or Patio will a system like this accommodate?
The 3" PanoramaLite housing canister (2.799"D x 2.895"H) can accommodate openings up to 120” (10 feet) in width and 108” (9 feet) in height. Is your opening bigger than this? No problem, we always have the solution for you!

4. How difficult is it to install a PanoramaLite Screen?
The installation of a PanoramaLite Screen must be done by a certified, licensed, bonded and insured installer. The installation of a PanoramaLite Screen typically takes 2 hours with 2 installers.

5. Are Custom Powder Coated Colors available?
Yes! All extruded aluminum components on the PanoramaLite Screens are powder coated or anodized using one of our 19 standard colors. Over 210 Custom Powder Coated Tiger Drylac RAL colors are available for an upcharge. In addition, 19 Powder Coated Wood Grain Finishes are available for an upcharge.

6. How are the PanoramaLite Screens mounted?
The screen can be surface mounted or mounted inside the jamb (opening) of any exterior or interior application. The PanoramaLite Screen consists of a drop down approach, in which the housing unit is secured across the top of the opening to be protected. By simple lowering the weight bar (pull bar) manually or by pressing a button on the remote or wall switch, the PanoramaLite Screen lowers to the floor with the guidance of a left and right vertical rail.

7. What are my Screen Mesh or Fabric options?

  • Super Screen which is available in black or white only (durable and long lasting, resists deterioration, tears and mildew).
  • No-see-um which is available in black or white only (extra-fine mesh provides protection from smaller insects called no-see-ums).
  • 80% Twitchell solar block fabric is available in Beige, Black, Brown, Desert Sand, Gray or White.
  • 90% Twitchell solar block fabric is available in Beige, Black, Brown, Desert Sand, Gray or White.
  • Clear Vinyl is available which will allow for that clear view while preventing the elements from coming in.
  • 100% Privacy material and Sunbrella Fabric are available which will block out 100% of the sun’s rays.
Please see our PanoramaLite Screen color section for further details.

8. What about insects, pets, animals or kids…does a screen like this keep them in or out?
PanoramaLite Screens have been installed numerous times to help keep out insects, birds, small rodents and lizards from certain areas. PanoramaLite Screens have also been installed to keep ones pets or animals inside or outside. It is possible though for a pet, animal or even a child to push its way through the snap system if given reasonable force.

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