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PanoramaLite Pull Down Screens

The PanoramaLite Retractable Screen is the perfect bug and/or solar solution. This great screen comes standard as a manual spring loaded system. PanoramaLite Screen Systems can also be upgraded to be motorized. PanoramaLite delivers privacy, ventilation, protection, and secure shading for various large openings around your home or business.

PanoramaLite retractable custom screens are home owner association approved and offer a more economic option for turning your garage, patio, balcony or lanai into a more useable space. Other great applications include a Large Window, an Architectural Opening and French Doors. Our screens can also act as a solar shade to protect your interior furnishings and at the same time help lower very expensive energy bills. PanoramaLite Screens have been installed numerous times to help keep out insects, birds, small rodents and lizards from certain areas.

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