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The SportScreen is the perfect bug, privacy, dust and/or solar solution. This sleek affordable screen comes standard as a manual spring loaded system. SportScreen Systems can also be upgraded to be motorized. SportScreen delivers privacy, ventilation, protection, and secure shading for RVís, toy haulers, horse trailers, motorhomes and other vehicles.

SportScreens are manufactured from the highest quality components in the industry. The screen can be surface mounted or mounted inside the jamb (opening) of any exterior or interior application. The SportScreen consists of a drop down approach, in which the housing unit is secured across the top of the opening to be protected. By simple lowering the weight bar (pull bar) or by pressing a button on the remote or wall switch, the SportScreen lowers to the floor with the guidance of a left and right vertical rail (screen or fabric is not attached to side rails).

The screen is not sealed (snapped in) on the left and right of the opening like a PanoramaLite. The 3" SportScreen housing canister (2.799"D x 2.895"H) can accommodate openings up to 120” (10 feet) in width and 108Ē (9 feet) in height. Each vertical rail measures, 1.643"W x .502”D

Square Sills are used to create a mounting surface for the sidetracks of the SportScreen when mounting inside the jamb of an opening or on an uneven surface. The powder coated Square Sill is screwed into place and creates a 1Ē smooth surface for you to mount your sidetrack. The Square Sill measures 1.077” H x .788” W (top) x 1.178” W (base).

The weight bar (pull bar) of the SportScreen is the bar that raises and lowers horizontally when you operate the screen. The screen mesh or fabric is attached to this weight bar. In certain installations, a fuzzy pile or rubber gasket is placed onto the bottom of the weight bar to help eliminate gaps from the unevenness of the floor or surface that this bar lowers down to. The pile or rubber gasket will create that 100% bug proof seal that you desire. The weight bar measures 1.750”H x .875"D.

When motorization is chosen for the SportScreen, a low voltage Somfy motor is factory mounted on either the right or left side of the screen unit depending on the preference of the customer. A low voltage junction box is needed to protect the adapter.

The SportScreen Motorized Screen can be ordered with a one-channel remote or one channel wireless wall switch (operates only one unit); or a five-channel remote or five channel wireless wall switch that can operate up to five units individually. A hard wired version of the wireless wall switch is available as well upon request.

You choose your own personalized design including the color of the frame, screen or fabric type, remote options and wind/sun sensors (if motorized). All extruded aluminum components on the SportScreens are powder coated or anodized using one of our 19 standard colors. Over 210 Custom Powder Coated Tiger Drylac RAL colors are available for an upcharge. In addition, 19 Powder Coated Wood Grain Finishes are available for an upcharge.

The SportScreen or Fabric options include:

  • Super Screen which is available in black or white only (durable and long lasting, resists deterioration, tears and mildew).
  • No-see-um which is available in black or white only (extra-fine mesh provides protection from smaller insects called no-see-ums).
  • 80% Twitchell solar block fabric is available in Beige, Black, Brown, Desert Sand, Gray or White.
  • 90% Twitchell solar block fabric is available in Beige, Black, Brown, Desert Sand, Gray or White.
  • Clear Vinyl is available which will allow for that clear view while preventing the elements from coming in.
  • 100% Privacy material and Sunbrella Fabric are available which will block out 100% of the sunís rays.

To ensure an exact fit, we will come out to your location to take measurements and show you our product. We will bring a small handheld demo unit, color chips and samples of the mesh and fabric color choices available. SportScreens come with a limited lifetime warranty: (excluding screen mesh or fabric/material), 5 years on the motor when motorization is desired (typical wear and tear expected) and a 1 year warranty on the wireless control device (excluding batteries).

The SportScreens are manufactured in a local factory and not in your driveway. They are quality tested in a controlled environment and inspected to ensure enjoyment for life.

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