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Track Maintenance:

  1. Clean left and right tracks every month, or as necessary with compressed caned air, a vacuum, a hose or a brush to remove all the debris that have accumulated in the tracks. Wipe tracks clean with a soft cloth and a gentle detergent.
  2. Let tracks dry and then apply an even coat of SportScreen Silicon Spray to the left and right vertical tracks. Remove the excess spray. Raise and lower the SportScreen to lubricate each rail and end cap entirely.
  3. Do not scrub the extruded aluminum parts as this will damage the powder coated or anodized surface.

Screen & Fabric Maintenance:

  1. Always make sure that the screen or fabric is not riding outside of the track(s). This will cause the screen or fabric to bend, fray, and/or snag when rolling back into the housing canister. (This is not under the warranty) In very windy conditions, keep the SportScreen or fabric rolled up into the housing unit to prevent wind damage.
  2. To clean the screen mesh or fabric, vacuum softly using an upholstery brush. Carefully vacuum the inside and outside of the material, taking caution not to snag the mesh or fabric itself. Then use a screen and fabric cleaning wipe on both sides of the mesh or fabric to fully remove all the dirt.
  3. Keep pets from clawing, scratching and eating the screen mesh or fabric.

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